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Shady Lane Community, Inc.
P.O. Box 67
Chittenango, NY 13037

Manufactured Housing Community Guidelines Revised 01/01/2020

  1.  Obligations for Occupancy:

  1. Applications: Applications for lot rental must be completed and approved PRIOR to occupancy of home. Only one family, with immediate family members, per lot is permitted. All occupants must be named on the application. PRIOR to occupancy, the community owner must approve any changes to the original application. Applications, leases, and rules can be provided by written request to the above address.

  1. Approval: The community owner reserves the right to approve or disapprove all new residents based on character or credit references. The community owner reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone whose home is not considered acceptable in appearance or condition.

  2. Leases: All lease terms run from January 1 to December 31 each year. Leases are not automatically renewed. If a lease offer is not executed and returned within 30 days of receipt, the tenant shall be deemed to have declined the lease, shall not have the right to a lease for the next succeeding twelve months and shall become a month to month tenant. Lease offers will now include a rider regarding tenant’s rights. This will be made available upon request once it has been received from the Commissioner of Housing and Renewal.

  3. Rental Payments and Late Charges: Rent is due and payable in full on or before the first day of each month.  Late charges will be assessed after the 10th day of the month at 3% of the unpaid balance.  There is a $35.00 charge for checks returned.  Be sure envelopes are postmarked by the 10th to avoid late charges. Mail payments to the address listed above.  Make checks payable to:  Shady Lane Community, Inc.

  4. Security Deposit: Security deposits will be required with any new resident. If you have paid a security deposit in connection with your occupancy, upon your vacancy, we shall return your security deposit to you within 30 days of your written request, so long as you have carried out all of the terms of the community guidelines. Security deposit may be used by landlord to pay for damages to the lot, back lot rent, late fees, legal fees, etc. Security deposits are held in an interest-bearing account at Community Bank NA, 519 W Genesee Street, Chittenango, NY 13037

  5. Termination of Tenancy by Resident: Residents must notify the community owner in writing, 30 days in advance of moving and all accounts must be paid in full.   Removal of a home will be done only during the legal time set forth by the Department of Transportation.  All mobile home transport companies must be certified by NYS and provide proof of insurance to the community owner or manager PRIOR to removing a home. Since all rents are paid by calendar months, no refunds or adjustments will be allowed for partial rent.  All lot rent, late fees and “additional rent” must be paid in full before home is to be removed from the lot.

  6. Ownership and Occupancy of Home: You have represented to us that you are the owner of the home. Any transfer of the title to your home or change of occupancy to any other party including family and other current occupants without our prior written consent is prohibited and shall terminate your tenancy. You and the persons whose names are indicated in the application for lease as originally completed by you and any children born in occupancy shall occupy your home only for residential purposes. Occupants not listed will be considered visitors. Visitors who will be staying more than 3 days must be registered with our office. Visitors are people staying less than 14 days. Management reserves the right to reject visitors who violate Federal, State, or Local laws or ordinances. If you violate this provision, or if you use or permit your home or site to be used for business purposes or any unlawful or illegal purpose or commit any illegal or unlawful act on such property, your tenancy shall immediately end and you shall remove your home at once from our community. The homesite is rented to you to be used by you as a residential home. Tenants cannot operate a commercial establishment from the home site and cannot erect commercial signs or advertising. Babysitting children or pets for compensation is prohibited. Should more than four persons occupy your home, we shall have the right to impose a reasonable surcharge to reflect the added costs of servicing your home. Any change in lien holder or mailing address must be submitted to our office in writing.

  7. Sale or subletting of Home: The sale or subletting of your home is permitted only with our advance written consent as provided by law.  Only homes, which meet the physical and aesthetic standards of the community, as defined under section C, 1& 2, will be permitted to remain on the home site.  In the event that you wish to sell or sublet your home, you must notify us in writing 30 days in advance.  Each resale approval is valid for 2 months.  The prospective new owner/tenant must then complete, sign and submit an application for residency to us so that we can exercise our right of approval or disapproval.  We shall have the right to interview the new owner/tenant.  Our right of approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.  Signs or advertisements offering your home for sale may be placed after prior written approval from our office.  Real estate signs and other advertising signs must be posted on the home only.

  8. Behavior: You are responsible for the behavior of your home’s residents and your guests, including your children.  All outside activity must be restricted to your own home site unless you have permission of other residents.  Children are not to play near any service facility such as sewer clean outs, mailbox and bus stop areas, etc.  Children are not to play in the roadways or on vacant lots.  Excessive volume of radios, TVs, musical instruments, or loud parties is not allowed.  NO use or display of fireworks, firearms, BB guns, knives or other potentially dangerous devices is permitted.  Intoxication, exposed alcohol, disorderly conduct, profane language or behavior, loud singing or talking will not be tolerated.  While loud noises are never permitted, the hours between 9:00 PM and 8:00AM shall be treated as very quiet hours.  Baby-sitting or daycare services within the community for children who do not reside there are prohibited as is peddling or soliciting.  The following are grounds for termination of tenancy: any criminal activity that threatens the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents; any criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of their residences by persons residing in the immediate vicinity of the premises; any criminal activity that threatens the health or safety of any on-site property management staff responsible for managing the premises; or any drug related criminal activity on or near such premises, engaged in by the resident, any member of the resident’s household, or any guest or other person under the resident’s control.

  9. Resident Responsibility for Damages: If your family, visitors, or any of your agents causes any damages to our property or equipment in the community, you shall be responsible for the cost of these damages. These damages shall be measured by the cost of restoration or replacement resulting from your acts. These damages shall be considered additional rent due 10 days after we have submitted our written demand to you for them. Our demand shall be accompanied by information setting forth the cost of repair or replacement. You are also responsible for any damage to property, injury or loss that occurs to you, your family, invitees or guests for whatever reason.

  10. Landlord not liable for damages: We shall not be liable for any damage or injury to you or any other person or to property as a result of an act of God, including but not limited to water, rain, snow, gas, wind or electricity, which may damage or leak into or enter your home. We shall not be responsible for personal property damages resulting from relocation due to infrastructure repairs or construction. We shall not be liable for any damage or injury to you or any other person or to property as a result of any broken pipes, plumbing or electrical lines which are in or serve your home. We shall not be liable for any loss of property or injury to you or any other person with the result of any burglary, theft or other wrong doing committed by any person. You shall hold us harmless and indemnity us for any losses or damage to property or injuries to persons caused by you, your family, agents, employees, guests, licensees and invitees, or resulting from the use and occupancy of your home, your leased site or the common facilities of the Community. This does not apply to any act of negligence by us, provided that any claim for damages is reported to us within 72 hours after its occurrence. We have made no representations, written or oral, concerning the safety of the community or the effectiveness or operability of any security devices or security measures. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the safety of occupants, guests and invitees. Occupants are responsible for protecting their own persons and property.

  11. Insurance: You shall provide your own homeowners insurance coverage for loss due to fire or other casualty, including comprehensive personal liability in a minimum of $100,000. You are also required to add fire and extended coverage on your home, shed, porches and oil/gas tanks in minimum amount of $5,000. You acknowledge that we have no responsibility for your insurance. Proof of insurance shall be provided to us upon request.

  12. Eviction for Non Payment, Attorneys Fees and Additional Rent: If you fail to pay the rent in full by the 10th day of the month when due, we may at any time thereafter institute proceedings to evict you and your home from the premises or use any other legal remedy available to us, to collect the money or acquire possession of the rented property.  If we begin proceedings of an eviction action, we shall have the right to have rent and any other moneys due, as well as reasonable attorney’s fees, all of which are called “additional rent” and must be paid by you if you want to have the eviction action dismissed.  In addition, in the event a court order for eviction is issued, the tenant may be responsible for any of the landlord attorney’s fees if included in that court order. If rent and late fees become past due and a demand for rent or eviction notice is served upon you, whether in person or by certified mail, a $25.00 charge will be added to your account.

  13. Eviction for Other Violations of Guidelines: If you fail to carry out any of the other provisions of these Guidelines, we may give you written notice to comply with them. If you fail to comply with our notice within the time specified, we may then revoke your tenancy and you shall remove your home from the premises but you shall continue to be liable to us for any cost or losses we incur as a result of your failure to comply with these Guidelines. These costs and losses shall include any reasonable attorney's fees that we incur in connection with our action to enforce these Guidelines, including costs of eviction if such fees are awarded pursuant to a court order.

  14. Landlord's Right to Entry: For the protection of all residents of the Community, you agree that we and our agents, employees or other representatives, shall have the right to enter into and upon the leased space or manufactured home during reasonable hours for the purpose of repairs, maintenance and inspection. However, this clause shall not be construed to create an obligation on our part to make inspection or repairs. Except in the event of an emergency, we shall give notice of our intention to enter the manufactured home for repairs, maintenance or inspection.

  15. Government Rules and Regulations: In addition to our guidelines, you will also comply with all rules, regulations, ordinances and laws of the municipal, county and state governments or public authorities and all their departments, bureaus and subdivisions applicable to and affecting the leased space and your home as well as their use and occupancy during the term of this lease. You shall promptly comply with all orders, regulations and directives of the Board of Fire Underwriters or similar authority.

  16. Landlord's Reservation of Rights: We reserve the right to locate and maintain, on, under and across the leased space, such utility line facilities as may be necessary or convenient to serve you and other residents in the Community including water lines, television lines, sewer lines, gas tanks and such facilities as needed. Exercise by us of such reserved right shall not unreasonably interfere with your use of leased space. We also reserve the right to install and maintain traffic control signs, street signs, or other signs we deem necessary and to decide their location. We also reserve the right to move your home, if such a move is necessary while making necessary repairs on the leased premises.

  17. Subordination of Lease and Power of Attorney: You agree that this Lease is automatically subject and subordinate to any renewal of any mortgage or mortgages now on the premises or any new mortgages. You agree, upon our request, to sign any paper or papers, which we may deem necessary to accomplish subordination.

  18. Notices: Any notice by either party to the other shall be in writing and shall either be delivered personally or mailed postage prepaid to you at your home site and to us, Shady Lane Community, Inc., PO Box 67, Chittenango, NY 13037.

  1.  Community Standards for Homes and Lots:

    1. All metal-sided mobile homes must be maintained.  They must be kept painted to avoid rust and fading. All homes must be kept clean, neat and washed. Each home is to be equipped with both front and rear steps.

    2. All mobile home roofs must be properly maintained to prevent “streaking” down the side of homes. The color of the roof must match the color of the home.

    3. Exterior doors, including water heater doors must be properly maintained at all times.  No broken, bent, or dented doors are allowed.

    4. Exterior windows, screens, etc. must be maintained at all times.  No plastic covering windows or doors are allowed.  Curtains or blinds are to be used on the interior of windows.  Blankets or other coverings not designed for windows are not allowed.

    5. No wood, metal or aluminum skirting is allowed at time of replacement.  Vinyl skirting must be used.  Skirting must be uniform and properly fitted. Skirting must be properly maintained at all times.

    6. Sheds, decks, awnings, screen-rooms, etc. must be maintained.  No additions can be constructed on a home that prevents the home from being moved. Any new addition needs prior approval from Management.

    7. Vinyl skirting must be installed on new incoming homes within 60 days of occupancy, excluding the months of December, January, February and March.

    8. All awnings, screen-rooms, carports, sheds, decks, etc, must be professionally made and the location must be approved by Shady Lane Community, Inc. PRIOR to construction.  Tenants must get a building permit from the TOWN prior to construction.  All new sheds, porches, steps, etc. must be square and level and finished with vinyl siding to match home, as well as being properly maintained.

    9. One shed per lot, except for pre-existing sheds.  New sheds are not to exceed 10’x10’x8’ high. All sheds must have a pitched, shingled roof and be either vinyl sided to match the home or Texture 111 sided and painted the same color as the home. Painted Texture 111 must be repainted when necessary.

    10. All new construction must be completed within three weeks after construction has begun or removed from the community.

    11. Window air-conditioners must be braced at the window.  Long poles or sticks are dangerous and not allowed.

    12. In the event of resale, the furnace must be inspected by a service company to ensure that there are no elbows in the flu pipe, that the furnace is properly installed and that it does not contain cracks in the heat chamber.  A statement to this effect will be required.

    13. Any fireplaces not factory installed (installed at the time of construction) must be inspected to ensure proper installation and safety.  A statement to this effect will be required.

    14. Lots must be kept clean and neat. Lawns and shrubbery must be kept mowed and trimmed.  In the event of neglect, the community owner reserves the right to have the work done at $25.00 per hour or $25.00 per lot, whichever is greater, charged to the resident.  Consistent neglect of lot or home will result in eviction. No miscellaneous debris such as tires, bikes, rakes, shovels, toys, cement blocks, wood etc., can be left in sight on the lots. Resident will receive a 3-day notice to store these items out of sight or Shady Lane Community, Inc. will dispose of them at the tenant’s expense.

    15. The resident as to lawns, flowers, shrubs and small trees may arrange each site. Garden areas must be maintained regularly.  Mulch or stone covering must be installed if necessary.  Check with community management before planting large trees, digging, and installing stakes or posts due to underground facilities.  Fencing is left to the discretion of Management. Holiday décor must be removed in a timely fashion.

    16. Garbage must be bagged and kept in sealed garbage cans at the rear of the home or behind porch area out of sight from roadway.  Only bagged garbage and recyclables will be collected. Cans shall be returned to their storage area by evening of the pickup day. Garbage and recyclables will be collected on Wednesdays.  Large item pickup can be arranged directly with Syracuse Haulers.

    17. Residents are responsible for keeping their sewer lines clear between their home and ground utilities.  Do not flush paper towels, disposable diapers, liners, sanitary napkins, contraceptives, etc., into the sewer system.  Any repairs due to flushing non-flushable items will be charged to the tenant. Please use white toilet paper only.

    18. Residents who hire independent contractors for snow removal and other services are responsible for any damage incurred to property as a result of service (i.e. damage to driveway, lawn, etc.).

    19. Tire swings or trampolines are not allowed.

    20. No swimming pools are allowed in the community.  Small children’s pools may be used daily, as long as they are emptied and stored in a shed at the end of each day. 

    21. Basketball hoops must be kept in the driveway, facing into the driveway, and away from the roadways at all times. 

    22. No resident shall tamper with meter boxes or other electrical equipment.  Any utility repairs from the communities’ outlets to and including the resident’s home are the resident’s responsibility.

    23. The community management reserves the right to shut water off to a site if the resident allows it to run or drip. Service will be restored when the community owner is satisfied that the proper repairs have been made.  Landlord may charge the resident for any excessive waste of water if deemed necessary.

    24. Oil tanks and stands must be painted to match the home and located at the rear of the home.  The resident must replace any oil or gas storage tanks, which show any sign of wear or when the tank reaches the manufacturer's life expectancy or upon resale of the home in the community unless existing tank is UL rated and in good condition. All fuel tanks will be at least one block high and kept level. This will allow the resident to easily inspect and detect leaks. The resident shall indemnify and hold Shady Lane Community, Inc. harmless from any liabilities for fees, costs, or damages of any nature caused as a result of the resident's use, possession, repair or replacement of any tank. The resident will remain the owner of the tank and shall be responsible for hook-up of any tank. Please be advised that a minor fuel leak is a major problem and the resident will be held financially liable for cleanup costs in the event of leakage or spill. Cleanup costs can run into the thousands of dollars.

    25. All running gear, tires, axles are to remain with home, stored under the home. 

    26. Lot numbers must be visibly placed on the exterior of your home.

    27. All outdoor fireplaces/bonfires are prohibited.

  1.  Pre-HUD homes (built before 1976):

    1. In the event of resale, a licensed electrician must inspect the home to ensure it contains aluminum wiring and is safe, if not HUD approved.  A statement to this effect will be required.

    2. In event of resale, the walls surrounding the furnace and hot water heater must be sheet rocked or dry walled (fire Proofed).

  1. Animals:

    1. Fees:  Annual dog registration: $25.00.  Monthly dog fee: $15.00.  Medically exempt dogs are exempt from all fees, but still need to register annually both with the park office and the Town of Sullivan.  Proper documentation will be required. No fees or registration for cats. 

    2. NO visiting dogs allowed at all!  No exceptions.  Residents may face eviction or be asked to have the dog removed if one is found on the property.

    3. Each lot may be allowed one small dog, OR two cats.  No exceptions.

    4. Small dogs (non-aggressive breeds under 25 lbs at full maturity) are subject to prior written approval and registration by our office.  Dogs must be kept indoors except when being walked on a hand held leash. They are never to be tied, fenced, caged or housed outdoors in doghouses. The limit shall be one dog per home. Pet owners must clean up after their pets or will be subject to fines which shall be deemed “additional rent” and is payable upon demand.  All dogs must have their shots up to date and a copy of the records must be provided with the annual registration.  Management reserves the right to request that the dog be permanently removed from the park if consistent complaints are filed.

    5. Two cats per lot, must be spayed or neutered!  Indoor cats only!  Any cats found outdoors may be removed from the park by Animal Control or park management.  All cats must have updated rabies shot as required by New York State Law.  Proof of spaying, neutering and vaccinations must be furnished upon request.  Any lot found in violation of having more than two cats will have to surrender cats to park management upon request.

    6. No animals kept in cages outdoors by Residents are allowed in the park.  No animals other than domestic animals are allowed to be raised in the park.  Any pets found to be disturbing other Residents may be requested to be removed from the park and surrendered to park management. 

  1. Automobiles:            

    1. The speed limit throughout the community is 10 MPH.  Speeding will not be tolerated. Speeding thru the community will result in a violation notice, and this could result in an eviction. Tenants are responsible for their children, guests and relatives.

    2. A limit of two vehicles per lot. If your driveway can accommodate 3 vehicles without extending into the lawn or roadway it is considered acceptable and permissible by community standards.

    3. Driving and parking on lawns is prohibited. If you have guests, please contact your neighbors to arrange for proper parking or utilize the space at the front of the park making sure access to the community mailboxes is not blocked.

    4. No unlicensed or inoperative vehicles are permitted.  Major auto repairs are not allowed. Due to discard of oil, no oil changes are to be done on Shady Lane Community, Inc. property.

    5. Loud motorcycles and mufflers, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, three or four wheelers, etc. are not allowed to be operated in the community. These vehicles must be pushed off the community property before operating or transporting to and from lot. These vehicles must be stored in your shed only.  They are not to be stored on your porch, behind the home, or on a trailer.  Please call the office for information to use the parking area provided by the park. 

    6. No large commercial vehicles, motor homes, campers, boats, utility trailers, snowmobiles, satellite dishes, jet skis, four wheelers, snowplows, etc., can be stored or placed on lots in the community.  These vehicles may be stored only in the tenants shed, if applicable. 

    7. All recreational vehicles must be registered with Shady Lane Community Inc.  Proof of registration and insurance is required.  Without proof of insurance these vehicles cannot be operated within the community, even to go from lot space to outside of the community.

    8. Any motor vehicle parked on the community roads for any length of time will be checked and the owner asked to move it.  Shady Lane Community, Inc. is not responsible for any vehicle left on the community roads when the community is being plowed.

  1. General Community Policies:

    1. The community owner reserves the right to evict any person who becomes objectionable or creates a disturbance, which results in complaints from other tenants.  All complaints must be in writing and signed to be considered legitimate.

    2. No loitering around the mail house or bus stop - only the exception of normal use.  Bike riding, skateboarding, etc. is not permitted in this area. While waiting for the school bus, please park to the side near the mail house. Parking at the entrance way or main roadway is prohibited.

    3. Shoveling snow from driveways or parking areas back into the roadways is prohibited.

    4. No dumping of leaves, tree limbs etc., in or around the community.  The community will pick up leaves and grass clippings in PAPER bags ONLY.  Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected. The community will also pick up tree limbs that are cut and placed neatly in front of your home for pick up.  Brush pick up will be done weekly on Mondays.

    5. For Post Office keys contact the postmaster at the Kirkville Post Office.

    6. Laundry is not to be left out on the line for more than one day.

    7. Building permits are needed for new homes or the replacement of a home, decks, sheds, enclosures, etc. Permits are available through the Town of Sullivan Office, 315-687-7221.  Please be sure to check with the community owner first before you get a permit.

If you have signed a written lease covering your home site, these guidelines are hereby incorporated in and made part of that lease.  If you are occupying your home site with-out a written lease and on a month-to-month basis, these guidelines shall be in effect independently and your month-to-month occupancy shall be subject to your on-going and continued compliance with them.

Community Emergencies or Problems: 315-937-9000          State Police:                315-363-4400    

North Chittenango Fire:                         315-687-7841           Bridgeport Fire:           315-633-9048

Kirkville Post Office:                            315-656-3519           National Grid:          1-800-642-4272

Spectrum:                                               315-687-3229           Syracuse Haulers:       315-426-6771

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