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Waste Removal, Inc.
Syracuse, NY

Syracuse Haulers will provide each resident containerized trash and recycling services. This service will be a betterment to the existing service due to these additional benefits to our Community:

- Uniformity throughout The Community

- Environmental impact (containment of material)

- Safety of the residents (rolling of cart instead of lifting and dragging

- Disposal cost control due to the container volume

- Increase recycling numbers due to container volume and every resident will have a container to promote recycling

- Bird and rodent control

Two new 95 gallon carts will be provided to each home; one for trash and one for single stream recycling. Please place these carts out the night before or by 6:00am at the curbside as you have in the past on your pickup day. Please place these new carts with the handles facing your homes. Please separate these carts at least five feet from one another, or each at opposite ends of your driveway. All trash and recycling to be picked up must be placed in the appropriate container, not on the ground. Please do not attempt to crush down the contents and over pack the container as this will lead to issues when trying to empty the containers into the trucks. All cardboard boxes must be broken down. All recycling materials can be mixed together in the recycling cart. These carts have serial numbers for tracking purposes and will be maintained by Syracuse Haulers for all normal wear and tear (a wheel falling off, lid hinge breakage, body cracks, etc.) which would result in replacement or repair by Syracuse Haulers. The carts will be the responsibility of the home owner. Please be sure to keep track of this equipment and report any wear and tear to Syracuse Haulers at (315) 426-6771. Abuse which includes fire, paint damages, vehicle crushing, etc.) or loss of the equipment would be charged at a rate of $125 per incident to include both the replacement and switch-out of the damaged equipment. 

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